Opsview Launches New Opsview Monitor Mobile

The sleeker, faster Opsview Monitor Mobile App delivers functionality and usability.
Jun 07, 2017

Opsview, a leading provider of enterprise class IT monitoring software, today announced the release of its new Opsview Monitor Mobile. Available for immediate download via the Apple and Android app stores, Opsview Monitor Mobile was built from the ground up, allowing Opsview Monitor users to efficiently view and manage their entire IT infrastructure from anywhere, anytime.

Taking inspiration from the earlier version of its app, along with feedback from customers, the new Opsview Monitor Mobile was rebuilt to allow IT teams to quickly view an issue and action it while on the go. With push notifications and the ability to perform system actions, Opsview Monitor users are no longer tethered to a desk and can now proactively solve system issues from any location.

Users of the new Opsview Monitor Mobile App can now investigate issues with new Details, Events and Notes tabs. Improvements to existing functionality also includes the following: 

  • Push Notifications. Get alerted even when Opsview Monitor Mobile isn’t running and quickly investigate and action issues from anywhere.
  • Investigate Views. From the palm of your hand, investigate the root cause of a Host or Service Check failure with all the information you would expect from Opsview Monitor’s main web UI.
  • Enhanced Graphing. Analyze and compare service check metrics from one hour up to a year.
  • Streamlined UX. Even easier to configure and use, Opsview Monitor Mobile now includes a notifications view that quickly show users what needs attention as well as better filtering options.
  • More Actions. The Opsview Monitor Mobile App mirrors the web UI with actions available on all list views for Host groups, Hosts and Service Checks. Acknowledge issues, downtime, set status and recheck Hosts and services.

The Opsview Monitor Mobile App is available for free download from both the Apple and Android app stores. With improved stability than its predecessor, and with native support for iOS 9+ and Android 5+, all new and existing Opsview Mobile App users are highly encouraged to download today.

“I am proud of how hard the team worked to improve both the functionality and appearance of the Opsview Monitor Mobile App” said Mike Walton, Opsview CEO. “I believe IT teams will benefit significantly from the improvements made.”

To learn more, visit the Opsview Monitor Mobile page.

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