Mobile App

Opsview Monitor Mobile is an easy way for Opsview users to check the health of physical, virtual and cloud-based systems. Opsview Monitor Mobile supports multi-tenancy, allowing MSP’s to provide Opsview Mobile directly to their customers.

Push Notifications

Opsview Monitor Mobile supports push messages, meaning that no matter where you are, you can be alerted immediately if any issues are detected by your Opsview Monitor system. Even if Opsview Monitor Mobile isn’t running, users can be notified that an alert or notification is available. 

Device Compatibility

Opsview Monitor Mobile works across Android and iOS devices, including all iOS systems, and allows you to view the health of your monitored hosts, hashtags and more while on the go. 

Graphing Capabilities

With Opsview Monitor Mobile, you are able to analyze service availability over time with rapid graphing. Take your device with you to datacenters, meetings or client sites for instant, real-time reporting and user friendly infographics.

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