The value of visibility in your data centre

Information Age: The value of visibility in your data centre

John Jainschigg, content strategy lead at Opsview, explains to Information Age the value of visibility in your data centre.
Jul 06, 2018

Keeping key enterprise applications up and running well is an absolute requirement for modern business. As estimated by Gartner, IDC and others, the cost of IT downtime averages out to around £4,200 per minute. A simple infrastructure failure might cost around £75,000; while the failure of a critical, public-facing application costs more like £378,000 to £755,000 per hour. When failures impact large-scale global logistics and cause widespread inconvenience to customers, for example, last May’s, British Airways airline operations systems failure, costs can quickly become staggering. BA estimated losing $102.19 million USD (£77.08 million GBP) in hard costs including airfare refunds to stranded passengers, plus incalculable damage to reputation. BA’s parent company, IAG, subsequently lost $224 million USD (£170 million GBP) in value, based on its then-current stock valuation.

Preventing such disasters, or intervening effectively and rapidly when they occur, means giving developers and operations staff (DevOps) visibility into IT infrastructure, networks, and applications. Modern IT monitoring solutions provide this visibility...

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