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Just watch this short video and get the whole look and feel for Opsview Monitor. See exactly how Opsview can deliver 50% faster time to insight and 90% faster configuration time, all with an intuitive user-friendly interface. When you're finished, just scroll back up and click to take out a free 30-day trial to see for yourself how Opsview Monitor makes IT monitoring easy.

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Looking for instructions on how to monitor a Linux server? Wondering what a hashtag is and how it works? The Opsview documentation section has got you covered, with over 400 pages designed to help you become an Opsview black belt super-ninja bad ass monitoring cyborg machine.

Videos and Tutorials
Looking for a video? Our videos and tutorials section is chock full of the latest Opsview blockbusters, from ‘Business Service Monitoring’ through to ‘Setup and installation', lighthearted videos the entire family can enjoy. Okay maybe not. But they are informative!

Looking for Opsview agents? How about the latest Puppet or Chef module? See any Opspacks, or preloaded template you like? Click here to view a range of Opsview resources ready to be downloaded.

Have an idea you just can’t keep to yourself? Found a bug? Want to discuss the weather outside? Head to the Opsview forums to chat with fellow Opsview ninja bad asses.

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