Opsview Monitor's 'Notifications’ feature alerts users to inform them of problems relating to Business Services or any IT infrastructure components (servers, network devices, databases, etc.). Users can be notified via one of many built-in notification methods, or take advantage of integrations with leading notification tools such as PagerDuty, VictorOps, OnPage, Slack, Twilio and more. Opsview Monitor Notifications gives you great flexibility in choosing your alerts, including the alert method, type of alert, day, time, etc., allowing you to choose the most effective approach for your IT team. 

Notify the Right People at the Right Time.

Deliver the right information to the right person at the right time. Notification Profiles in Opsview Monitor allow you to designate when alerts get sent, who gets them, and by what means they get notified, thereby helping to ensure that any issues are addressed before service outages occur.

Opsview Notification Methods

No More Alert Fatigue

With Notification Profiles, you can configure Opsview Monitor to only tell you about important problems, as opposed to every little thing that has been detected. This removes ‘alert fatigue’ and ensures that you are only notified when there is a real problem.

Easy Alert Management

In Opsview Monitor, you can easily keep track of all your alerts in one place. Track all your notifications that occur in any given time frame. You can then investigate directly within this view to see issue details.

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