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It looks like you don't have an active subscription. You'll need to take out a trial or purchase a Pro Subscription to obtain your software key before you can use Opsview Monitor.

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Find everything from Opsview Monitor virtual appliances and EC2 images, through to our awesome mobile app, Puppet and Chef integrations, Linux agents and Opspacks. 

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Remember, you will need your Software Key to activate Opsview Monitor. Read the information below to help get started; alternatively read our FAQS.

I Don't Have a Software Key

You need a Software Key in order to activate Opsview Monitor, if you don't have one it’s easily obtained by purchasing any Opsview Monitor Edition or signing up for a free trial. Your activation keys will be sent to you via email and can always be found in the "My Account" section. If you can’t find your key, contact us and we will resend your key. You will need a Software Key to activate Opsview Monitor and obtain access to all of our great features.

Download Agents

Download Opsview agents to run on all of the most common Operating Systems. Opsview agents are designed to run on the most common Linux, Unix and Windows operating systems such as Ubuntu and Red Hat. You can obtain them from opsview.com/agents

Purchasing Opsview

Navigate to the Buy Online Page and click “Buy Opsview Monitor Pro”. You will then need to register or log in. Once you are through our secure checkout process, you will see your new Software Key on the checkout complete page. We will also email the Software Key to your registered address. Those with environments larger than 300 hosts should contact our team to discuss your options further.

Try Opsview

Go to our Trial Page , click “Get Your Trial”, then register or log in and we'll do the rest. Your activation keys will be available to you immediately. We will also email them to your registered address.

Where is My Software Key?

In addition to receiving your Software Key immediately upon checkout, it is always available from the following places:

  • The "My Account" section on the Opsview website
  • The email sent to your registered email address
  • If you’re still stuck contact us and we will dispatch the key to you directly