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I don't have a Software Key

Not to worry, it’s easily obtained by purchasing any Opsview Monitor Edition or signing up for a free trial. If you have already done this, but can’t find your key, contact us and we will resend your key. You will need a Software Key to activate Opsview Monitor and obtain access to all of our great features.

For free trial

Go to our Trial Page, click “Get Your Trial”, then register or log in. We’ll do the rest and you should receive your Software Key to your registered email within a few minutes.

Purchasing a Pro subscription

Navigate to the Buy Online Page and click “Buy Opsview Monitor Pro”. You will then need to register or log in. Once you are through our secure checkout process, we’ll email the Software Key to your registered address.

I did what you said but I don't have my Software Key, what happened?

If you did not receive your Software Key try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Allow a few minutes for your unique key to be generated and the email to arrive
  • Check your junk/spam folder(s)
  • Ensure the registered email address matches the one used
  • If you’re still stuck Contact Us and we will dispatch the key to you directly

Happy Monitoring!