Infrastructure Monitoring Dashboard

Notification Integrations

As part of a standard Opsview installation, users can be notified via a variety of methods such as email, RSS, Push for iOS or Android, PagerDuty and more.


Notification Types

Notifications can be sent for a range of items within Opsview, including:

  • Hosts (Down/Unreachable/Flapping/Recovery)
  • Service Checks (Warning/Critical/Unknown/Flapping/Recovery)
  • Business Services (Offline/Impacted/Recovery/Availability Below)
  • Business Components (Failed/Impacted/Recovery/Availability Below)


Server Monitoring Dashboard
Web Monitoring Dashboard

Notification Profiles

Notification Profiles Configuration is the place where you set:

  • When you are notified
  • How you are notified
  • What you are notified for (as long as you have permissions to access those objects)
  • Other options regarding Notifications

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