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One of the most important factors influencing a decision on a monitoring solution is the ability of the tool to keep up with your expanding infrastructure. The fully supported architecture of Opsview Monitor allows it to scale in excess of 20,000 hosts, so if you're planning for the future, we've got you covered. 

Scalability Dashboard

What makes Opsview Monitor different?

Scalability Column 1

Room to Grow

Opsview Monitor's distributed architecture lets it grow to monitor tens of thousands of hosts, and so affordably, by scaling horizontally on commodity physical or virtual infrastructure.

Scalability Column 2

Consistent Monitoring

Rather than running separate monitoring instances, Opsview delivers consistent monitoring across numerous locations, servers and continents. 

Scalability Column 3

Flexible Scale

Opsview Monitor can scale just the functions your use case requires - ingestion, processing, storage, or interaction - so can cost effectively accomodate many kinds of growth: in monitored hosts, service checks per host, or volume and kind of accesses operators need to perform.