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High Availability Server

Datacenter Racks

Opsview High-Availability (HA) provides a more resilient master server by allowing failover to a secondary node on the same site in the event of a hardware or software failure. The passive failover server assumes the full identity of the primary master server and including monitoring, alerting, reporting, and data aggregation responsibility. 

The failover / switchover is an automatic, seamless process that ensures Opsview data collection continuity and is completely transparent to the end user.

Target Architecture: For users that cannot experience any downtime, Opsview HA provides automatic failover within a single datacenter.


  • Standby Opsview Master Server
  • Shared Storage Blocks
  • Heartbeat for Peer Monitoring
  • VIP Swap


  • Automatic Failover


  • Localized Failover
  • Increased Complexity

Why get High Availability with your Opsview subscription?

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