What's new in Opsview 4.6?

Our latest release of Opsview runs on more, is super secure and is up and running in a blink of an eye.

Opsview 4.6 for SMB, Enterprise and MSP customers, provides a new class of security for enterprise monitoring solutions, supports 3 new operating systems, and has a brand new installation method – taking full installation time down to a blistering 10 minutes. As usual, there is also a whole host of enhancements and bug fixes.

Here is a quick overview of all the new stuff:

Monitoring for MSPs - Devices per customer

Building on my previous blog on SLA monitoring with Nagios, which looks at measuring availability at a “group” level where a group is a customer or department, I next want to look at another feature that a lot of MSPs will want to know and differs from their standard view.

How many devices per customer? 

In other words; "For how many managed devices should I charge the customer?"...or..."At the end of the month, how much revenue can I expect to book?"


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