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Converting trap MIBs into services

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Converting trap MIBs into services

Hi guys,

We're setting up trap handling for a variety of systems at the moment and each application comes with a pretty large set of MIBs. We're looking at handling some 3-400 different trap OIDs per application. Is there a simple way of taking a MIB and converting it into service checks?



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Re: Converting trap MIBs into services

I was wondering the same, it's quite pain to integrate some enterprise applications via snmp trap monitoring in the current state. 

At least an option option of multiple service checks, aka each occurence of certain filter would print a new line in the unhandled issues field based on certain expression and then we could manually add important ones?


Best regards,


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Re: Converting trap MIBs into services

he there,

hum sounds a bit like we need a mib2rule converter (I know cheesy name but it actually exists (for another monitoring system though (IBM's Netcool)).

Having said that and having worked with SNMPTraps for about 7 - 8 years I'm pretty sure chances are you will only want traps for the most serious stuff (and not for each notification-object in the mib).

But I do like the idea of an MIB to rule converter so it's going on my (really way to long) ToDo list....



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Re: Converting trap MIBs into services

Hi awijntje,

That would be exact case, I'm using mib2rules on Netcool as well and I definately think opsview needs a similar thing, to speed up snmp trap adding process. No one sane woulad add traps for each notification object as it generates quite a load of gibberish.

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Any update on this

Has anything like this been done in Opsview since 2013?