Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Large organizations manage numerous business applications deployed in multiple locations and using different technology stacks. Virtualization and cloud computing have made managing these disparate systems even more challenging. In this dynamic environment end-to-end visibility can only be assured with a single view into the status of your entire organization.

Opsview application performance monitoring tools provide a unified view of your entire infrastructure to help ensure the health, performance and availability of your business systems.


Build a clear picture of business application availability

Application Performance Monitoring in Opsview Monitor

See your entire network in seconds with autodiscovery in Opsview Monitor

Key Benefits for APM

  • Build up a complete picture of business application availability
  • Track and alert on application health and get notified before problems impact the end-user
  • Group your applications by business process and display their status using simple 'traffic lights' to all users in real-time
  • Ensure business-critical systems are meeting their agreed service levels using Reports
  • Use synthetic transactions to monitor end-to-end performance of your entire application, not just a single component
  • Supports monitoring of major application servers including Oracle, WebLogic, IBM, WebSphere, GlassFish, Resin, Apache Tomcat, JRun, JBoss and Microsoft.Net
  • Monitor database availability, database client connectivity, storage and other key availability metrics

Which application performance monitoring tool is right for me?

You can be monitoring the availability of your business applications in minutes using our free trial, but if you need a fully supported solution for mission critical production environments choose Opsview Pro (for SMEs) or Opsview Enterprise (for deployments monitoring up to 20,000 devices).