Why is consolidating performance metrics from different OSs difficult?

Your Challenges

  • Diversity of operating system versions and types can make it difficult to standardize on a single monitoring platform, particularly if it’s vendor provided.
  • Certain operating systems weren’t designed to provide custom or even native metrics, nor monitoring integration.
  • Agentless monitoring may be recquired in certain operating environments.
  • Consolidating statistics across many OS instances for capacity planning purposes can be daunting.
  • Extending many systems to collect data from disparate, but officially supported and required tools.

Your Needs

  • Monitoring that covers Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Suse Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux and Centos Linux, AIX, and potentially z/Linux, as well.
  • Extensible monitoring with a rich, well-documented API to integrate with your existing operating system management and monitoring infrastructure.
  • Consolidated view of operating system metrics across all platforms, not just a single OS type.
  • Independence from operating system vendor supplied tools, providing a higher-level view and a single pane of glass.
  • Consistent and standard alerting and notification with high value filters easily applied.

Why use Opsview Monitor for operating systems like Windows and Linux?

Monitor any major OS
Monitor any major OS

Supports Windows, Linux, AIX and z/Linux.

Agent or agentless
Agent or agentless

Agent or agentless metric collection and monitoring.

Support for legacy operating systems
Support for legacy operating systems

Support for legacy operating systems such as Windows 2000.

Feature-rich API

Well-documented and feature-rich API as well as outbound extensibility for two-way integration.

Comprehensive framework coverage
Comprehensive framework coverage

A wide range of collection frameworks to integrate with and support the collection of the data you need.


Automatically discover and monitor all your Windows & Linux systems.

Linux performance monitoring


Some of the operating systems we support

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Our customers have a few things to say about why they chose Opsview Monitor
"Opsview Monitor is performing as it should, we have developed various in-house plugins & service checks which suit our needs perfectly!”
Alen Stimec, Senior Systems Engineer, InternetQ
Alen Stimec, Senior Systems Engineer
"Opsview Monitor’s reporting capability is it critical for us to automatically distribute customer reports to demonstrate performance against our SLAs.”
Arthur de Pauw, Technical Director, Amaris
Arthur de Pauw, Technical Director
"Selecting Opsview Monitor was a straightforward decision; it’s quick and easy to implement, simple to use, feature rich and yet cost effective.”
Ata Koycu, Senior Product Manager, Schipol Telematics
Ata Koycu, Senior Product Manager
Schiphol Telematics

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