Linux performance monitoring

Looking for the best Linux server monitoring tools? Opsview Monitor can play a vital role in ensuring the performance and availability of your IT infrastructure.

Opsview's Linux monitoring software supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Suse Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, Debian and Centos and is suitable for intermediate to experienced Linux administrators.


Linux Service Checks

Servers and networks

Group your servers by business process and display their status using simple 'traffic lights' to all users whilst logical and functional maps give quick reference to network configuration.

Configuration & automation

Easily configure a network monitoring environment with service and Host templates. Save time, effort and improve consistency by automating deployment over manual configuration with Puppet and Chef.
Linux monitoring dashboard
Linux dashlet

Comprehensive coverage

Third-party plug-in compatible integrations and hundreds of Opspacks allow for endless extension of your platform to monitor a diverse series of devices. Extensible architecture allows for complete customization of your environment.

Advanced Linux Monitoring Capabilities

Installing a Linux Agent:
Linux Performance Monitoring:


Comprehensive and customizable Linux monitoring - agent or agentless

Case Studies & Testimonials

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