If I need to monitor Windows services aren't I just better off with a point solution?

Your Challenges

  • Monitoring Linux, virtualized environments or cloud-based workloads with Windows point solutions.
  • Understanding how high CPU utilization, insufficient memory, and disk storage on Windows servers impact business service delivery.
  • Pin-pointing rogue processes that consume excess server resources and cause Windows-based applications to fail.
  • Identifying which failing hardware component may be adversely impacting Windows server downtime.
  • Monitoring all Window server versions and a heterogeneous set of Microsoft applications like Exchange, Active Directory and SQL Server with one platform.

Your Needs

  • Out-of-the-box monitoring for the full Windows stack - Windows servers, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL server databases, Microsoft IIS Web servers, and Microsoft Exchange servers.
  • Getting notified when the CPUs on your Windows machines are running at full capacity or when a particular Windows process fails.
  • Monitoring Windows server disk activity in real-time and catching disk I/O bottlenecks before they occur.
  • An unified monitoring platform that's capable of tracking the health of the network interface.

Why use Opsview Monitor for Windows monitoring?

Monitor any major OS
Unified Insight

A single platform to monitor, alert, and visualize events and consolidated performance metrics for Windows alongside other technologies.

Comprehensive framework coverage
SLA Reporting and Trend Reports

Platform availability reports for all Windows-based workloads that demonstrate operational efficiency to stakeholders and customers.

Business Service Monitoring
Business Service Monitoring

Business Service Monitoring visualizes and monitors all Windows based workloads and allows you to demonstrate the true availability of the solution.

Support for legacy operating systems
Support for legacy operating systems

Support for the latest Windows versions and legacy platforms like Windows 2000.

Built-in Notifications
Instant Notifications

Notifications sent to the right team member, at the right time, in the best way, with Opsview Notifications or cloud native options, such as Twilio voice / text, Opsview Monitor’s Mobile app, Amazon’s SNS, or even a Slack message.


Automatically discover all your Windows systems and start monitoring them using best practice templates.

Windows server uptime monitoring


Some of the Microsoft Windows technologies we support

Don't just take our word for it
Our customers have a few things to say about why they chose Opsview Monitor
"We have +20k hosts monitored in Opsview Monitor and, at this moment, have only 6 unattended alerts. Compared to before that’s amazing."
Thomas Wollan
Thomas Wollan, NOC Manager
"Opsview Monitor has vastly improved our monitoring of server space and application health check.”
Jon Sardine - Allianz
Jon Sardine, Global Head of IT Operations & Head of IT Americas
"Selecting Opsview Monitor was a straightforward decision; it’s quick and easy to implement, simple to use, feature rich and yet cost effective.”
Ata Koycu, Senior Product Manager, Schipol Telematics
Ata Koycu, Senior Product Manager
Schiphol Telematics

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