What you have to think about when monitoring virtualization platforms

Your Challenges

  • Lack of a consolidated, holistic view of the entire datacenter estate, including virtualized and non-virtualized systems, to define platform availability
  • Quickly identifying virtualized vs. non-virtualized host operating systems
  • Monitoring virtualized systems as traditional hardware
  • Lack of differentiation between VM and host alerts, getting two alerts for one failure
  • Installation and configuration of the monitoring agent for the VM hosts and guests
  • Bandwidth and performance metrics from the hypervisor and/or guest OS may be skewed or inaccurate

Your Needs

  • Consolidated solution for consistent monitoring across enterprise infrastructure, virtualization and cloud(s)
  • Seamless relationship tracking between VMs and the platform on which they’re instantiated
  • Monitoring integration with your virtualized infrastructure manager as well as 3rd-party virtualization management offerings
  • A monitoring solution API that allows CMDB to update the monitoring solution based on real-time events and dynamic, virtualized infrastructure changes

Why Opsview Monitor for virtualization?

Comprehensive Coverage
Comprehensive coverage

Support for VMware, Hyper-V, KVM hypervisors and tooling


Automatically discover your VMware virtual machines

Hypervisor and VM data collection
Hypervisor and VM data collection

Collect key metrics from the hypervisor independent of VMs

Unified Insight
Set thresholds

Be alerted, and visualize virtual machine bandwidth consumption when it crosses defined thresholds

Easy to config and use
Minimal manual configuration

Virtual infrastructure insights with minimal configuration required

Built-in Notifications
Intelligent alerting

Disambiguation of the relationship between VM and Hypervisor - receive relevant alerts from only one of them

Some of the virtualization vendors we support



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Our customers have a few things to say about why they chose Opsview Monitor
"We currently use Opsview’s dashboards to present a high-level, unified view of our all our critical IT services and processes to non-technical business users.”
Fabian Lorenz
Fabian Lorenz, IT Systems Architect
Stadtwerke Speyer
"Using Opsview Monitor leaves my staff able to focus on actually improving our service offering rather than wasting time on administrative tasks.”
Eric Hausman, Cloud Director
Eric Hausman, Cloud Director
Dimension Data
"Opsview Monitor seemed to have a maturity other tools didn't and a price that we could grow into, rather than make a huge up-front purchase.”
Lawrence Patterson, CTO, Atomic Data
Lawrence Patterson, CTO
Atomic Data

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