Opsview Monitor SNMP solves targeted monitoring and alerting problems

Your Challenges

  • Some monitoring solutions provide only crude or overly-complicated support for SNMP-based polling and trap processing.
  • Solutions offering poor support for SNMP trap filtering leave IT staff drowning in unnecessary alerts.
  • IT admins may struggle to configure or troubleshoot SNMP monitoring without support from informative tools.
  • SNMP monitoring can be hard to scale across multiple locations and networks.

Your Needs

  • Bringing SNMP-only devices and trap-based alerting under a unified IT monitoring solution.
  • Being able to easily poll and return data for specific OIDs and metrics-sets.
  • Setting alerts for specific SNMP traps and filtering out unwanted noise.
  • Grouping SNMP service checks in templates so that they can be consistently retrieved from many devices.
  • Loading MIBs and performing SNMP operations like GET, GET-NEXT, GET-BULK, and SET.
  • Easily defining SNMP thresholds for warnings and critical alerts.

Why use Opsview Monitor for SNMP monitoring?

Unified Insight
Ensure availability 24/7

Use SNMP as needed. Visualize your entire IT estate through one set of user interfaces.

Comprehensive Coverage
Troubleshoot Issues

View problems from multiple perspectives and quickly identify root causes.

SLA Reporting

Set benchmarks and generate analytical reports with Opsview Monitor, asserting SLA compliance.

Business Service Monitoring
Business Service Monitoring

Use Opsview Monitor’s Business Service Monitoring to visualize service availability.

Built-in Notifications
Intelligent notifications

Deliver alerts on schedule via text, voice, or services like Twilio, Amazon SNS, Slack, or Opsview Monitor Mobile.

High Availability
Optional High Availability

Protect your SNMP monitoring environment with Opsview Monitor's optional High Availability (HA) package.

SNMP Monitoring




Don't just take our word for it
Our customers have a few things to say about why they chose Opsview Monitor
"Opsview Monitor is performing as it should, we have developed various in-house plugins & service checks which suit our needs perfectly!”
Alen Stimec, Senior Systems Engineer, InternetQ
Alen Stimec, Senior Systems Engineer
"Here at Cisco we can already see big benefits from switching to Opsview Monitor.”
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson, Systems Engineer
"Using Opsview Monitor leaves my staff able to focus on actually improving our service offering rather than wasting time on administrative tasks.”
Eric Hausman, Cloud Director
Eric Hausman, Cloud Director
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