Considerations when choosing a hardware & infrastructure monitoring platform

Your Challenges

  • Disparate vendors and types of hardware to monitor
  • Geographically dispersed hardware among multiple datacenters, potentially collocated with 3rd party hosting providers
  • Sub-optimal methods for identifying and adding new device types and manufacturers, including servers, switches, storage, etc.
  • Inconsistent monitoring configurations and disciplines
  • Additional monitoring infrastructure just to collect SNMP on top of base monitoring

Your Needs

  • A single, standardized approach and solution to ensure that monitoring is consistent and pragmatic
  • Global metric collection fed back to a single vantage point
  • Full-featured, viable SNMP polling and trap ingest
  • Consistent and standard alerting and notification with high value filters easily applied

Why use Opsview Monitor for hardware and infrastructure?

Inclusive of software

Monitoring of hardware and devices that is inclusive of the software infrastructure running on top of them

Comprehensive Coverage
Comprehensive coverage

Thousands of included and community plugins provide integration with almost any hardware

Unified Insight

Visualization and reporting tools allow easy identification of trends, bottlenecks, capacity planning, etc., all from a single pane of glass

Distributed Architecture

Extensibility to include future hardware not currently in your datacenters

Scale-out and distributed monitoring

Scalability, including geographically diverse infrastructure support. Collect data from multiple datacenters

SNMP Traps
SNMP Support

SNMP polling and SNMP trap handler

How to monitor server infrastructure


Some of the hardware & infrastructure vendors we support

Don't just take our word for it
Our customers have a few things to say about why they chose Opsview Monitor
"All of our managed hosting customers now receive scheduled, branded SLA reports that prove the value of our services.”
Fabian Lorenz
Fabian Lorenz, IT Systems Architect
Stadtwerke Speyer
"I am absolutely thrilled about the prompt realization of our KPI reporting. Opsview Enterprise has opened up a whole new range of reporting possibilities to us.”
Jörg Meyer, IT Infrastructure Manager
Aurubis AG
"Opsview Monitor not only gives us a single view of our diverse IT estate, it helps us identify problems before they start having an impact on our users.”
Jerry Verhoeven, ICT Infrastructure Administrator
s-Hertogenbosch Council

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