Monitoring container infrastructure as a business service? Tell me more.

Your Challenges

  • Rapid onboarding and accurate monitoring of new container technologies as they move swiftly from development to production.
  • Struggling to define service availability in a microservices infrastructure where Container Orchestration Engines (COEs) like Kubernetes, Docker Swarm or Mesosphere DC/OS dynamically update deployments.

Your Needs

  • A monitoring solution that maps to the constant and dynamic container estate both functionally and visually.
  • A vendor that is actively researching and developing offerings that support new and innovate container solutions.
  • A monitoring system that provides collection of custom metrics.

Our Capabilities

  • Business Service Monitoring
  • Ongoing, dynamic updates to support new technologies via Opspacks.
  • Works with existing DevOps platforms
  • Flexible notifications
  • Dependency mapping that visualizes the infrastructure behind microservices.

Take control of your complex IT infrastructure with Opsview Monitor.