Monitoring Docker Containers

Docker containers enable system administrators and developers to package software into standardized units for development, shipment and deployment. Lightweight, secure and simple containers such as Docker are available for both Linux and Windows systems and ensure your software always runs the same regardless of the environment.

Monitoring containerized environments can be a dynamic affair for many teams and often quite challenging. Opsview's Docker monitoring tools and Opspack give you visibility and the ability to pull information from all your containers. This means you can run regular checks (at your discretion) to ensure everything required is up and running. Whether that be container CPU usage, memory, size, output, general uptime, overall status and much more.


Docker monitoring dashboard

Accurate availability tracking

Do more with your monitoring. Opsview Monitor allows you to transform your monitored estate into business relevant services and report on availability over that service, rather than just at the Host level. This saves you time and means you're only alerted when it matters.

Overall health

Elegant dashboards give you an instant snapshot of the overall health of your environment. Return three crucial values; total number of containers running, total number stopped and total number overall of containers running on the specified Docker Host.
Opsview Monitor Dashboard
Opsview dashboard

Integrate and customize

Utilize Opsview Monitor's well-documented API to update the configuration data in Opsview as object updates are made within transactions. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to readily integrate your own tools.

Opsview Monitor as a solution

Enterprise features:
IT Monitoring with Opsview:


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