With Opsview Monitor's Multitenancy feature, Managed Service Providers can manage multiple customers' IT environments from a single Opsview system. MSPs can easily move between different customer environments to view the status of services and their components, obtain customer-specific alerts, and generate customer-specific reports. Customers get exactly what they need, without having to interfere with others.

Many Customers. One System.

Opsview Monitor's Multitenancy is ideal for MSPs with many customers. The Multitenancy feature in Opsview Monitor keeps all the data access separate while keeping all your customers happy.

Multitenancy IT Monitoring with Opsview Monitor

Fine-Grain Role-Based Access

Opsview Monitor's Multitenancy gives you an extra layer of security with fine-grain object role based access including creating dashboards, sending notifications and settings of service checks. You can also restrict access down the to the object level including hashtags, service groups, and host groups.

Give Your Customers Exactly What They Need

Multitenancy delivers exactly what customers need to see and exactly how they want to see it. This creates happier, more satisfied customers!

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