Opsview Business Service Monitoring

Business Service Monitoring

Business Service Monitoring, or BSM, allows you a much-enhanced view into your IT infrastructure – as opposed to looking at your infrastructure on a Host by Host basis. Your monitoring solution will understand resiliency, service / operational availability (SLA/OLA), and more.

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Monitor More with Opspacks

200+ Opsview supported Opspacks and 4500+ plugins via the Nagios Exchange allow your business to quickly monitor IT infrastructure, public and private cloud services, VMs, containers, databases, and applications.

What we monitor

Opsview AWS Monitoring Dashboard

Our Most Popular Opspacks

Opsview Infrastructure Monitoring Dashboard

Easy Integration

If your business already has existing ticketing, notification, and analytics systems, the Opsview API allows for easy two-way communication and workflow.

Itom integrations

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Industry Leading Customer Support

Monitoring software without top-notch customer support isn't worth it. The Opsview Customer Success Team strives to create increasing value for our customers with their monitoring expertise. There's a reason why our team has an NPS score consistently over 90.

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Opsview Monitoring Plans

Plans for Your Business

Opsview monitoring can be purchased using three different subscription plans:

  • Opsview Cloud to remove the headache of day-to-day monitoring maintenance. 
  • Opsview Enterprise provides an extra level of support and customization for larger IT estates.
  • Opsview SMB for smaller businesses that want to manage things themselves.

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