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Opsview is dedicated to giving IT professionals the server health monitoring tools they need to get their jobs done faster, easier and for less.

Opsview Monitor delivers powerful SQL server monitoring without the complexity or expense of other software. The versions of our SQL server activity monitor give you incredible performance and has a flexible API to automate interaction, allowing you to save time, money and effort.


Easy configuration dashboard

Hassle-free monitoring

Easy-to-use configuration and user interface makes setting up SQL server monitoring simple. This is accompanied by a quick and efficient upgrade path for complex SQL server performance environments, while a well-documented API allows for customizable configuration.

Target notifications to the right team

Opsview Monitor’s advanced notification profiles ensure that only the most relevant issues are received and to the correct teams or individuals. These powerful notifications can be sent by a diverse and fully customizable range of integrations allowing you to make sure the right professionals receive the right notifications on the right device.
Alerts and notifications
Business Service Monitoring

Out-of-the-box for all SQL

Feature-packed monitoring software for distributed server health monitoring for geographical coverage, scalability and resilience. Visualize all your critical business components with Opsview Monitor's Business Service Monitoring.

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Opsview's SQL server monitoring tools have been designed from the ground up to give you deep insight and reporting on the health of your IT. If you're an SMB in need of enhanced monitoring functionality for up to 300 Hosts, choose Opsview Monitor Pro and for large, distributed monitoring environments go for Opsview Monitor Enterprise.


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