sFlow Monitoring and Analysis

sFlow, short for "sampled flow", is a valuable capability for today’s IT administrators in large, medium and even smaller organizations. More than ever there is a reliance on network services to support business critical applications; if something changes to effect the operation of the business then the IT department is going to hear about it. 

This doesn’t have to be the case however, especially if you can stop the source of the problem before the issue exacerbates. Effectively monitoring and analyzing sFlow can all be done with Opsview Monitor’s Network Analyzer.  Not only can you make sense of the continuous streams of traffic you receive but you can also visualize the data in order to make it meaningful and easily understandable. 

How can I use sFlow Monitoring & Analysis with Opsview?

With Opsview Monitor, you can monitor and analyze sFlow at as detailed a level as you want. Easily configured dashboards or dashlets can be set-up within Opsview Monitor or integrated into other IT tools you may be using. Opsview gives you the visibility to see everything at glance without sacrificing granularity. Network engineers and admins are still able to deep dive into the network should they need to, pinpointing and highlighting relevant issues.

Even with large data sets, you can continue to manage and monitor sFlow traffic patterns whether that be daily, weekly or even yearly. If there’s a particular period where your network systems suffer a degradation of performance, sFlow analysis with Opsview will help you to pinpoint the issue.  

Typical usage of sFlow monitoring

  • Troubleshoot network problems
  • Audit trail analysis
  • Manage, control and analyze congestion on your network 
  • Estimate and quantify costs and usage
  • Listen for the top talkers on a network

Complete visibility with Opsview Monitor's Network Analyzer 

Key benefits of monitoring sFlow with Network Analyzer:

  • Full visibility of your network – detect, diagnose and fix problems
  • Visualize the data in meaningful and insight ways
  • Capture historic sFlow data, enabling engineers to have an unobtrusive view of the entire network
  • Real-time views display the true efficiency of your network
  • Supports data collection and exports from all sFlow supported devices listed here  

Which sFlow Solution Is Right For Me?

With Opsview Monitor, you can be monitoring and analyzing sFlow data very quickly. We have a range of fully supported monitoring solutions tailored exactly to the needs of your organization. Large environments and service providers can utilize Opsview Monitor Enterprise Edition or Opsview Monitor MSP Edition while SMEs business will enjoy Opsview Monitor Pro Edition. All solutions are completely compatible with the Network Analyzer.