Service desk integration with network and systems monitoring software

Opsview Monitor's service desk integration lets you to convert alerts, such as performance issues, faults, failures, and configuration changes into incident tickets automatically. Improved visibility of incidents in real-time enables DevOps and IT support teams to resolve issues faster.

Your Challenges

  • Avoid unnecessary 'toil' - manually creating tickets in your service desk based on alerts from your IT monitoring platform is slow, laborious and error prone.
  • Minimize ticket duplication - alert storms or false alarms from your monitoring tools can often create multiple service desk tickets to resolve the same issue.
  • Service-level ticket creation and assignment - whilst many monitoring tools can raise and assign tickets in help desks about specific issues, often the technician doesn't understand the service-level context of the alert so can't easily prioritize their response.
  • Punitive licensing charges - many legacy IT monitoring vendors make their customers pay significantly more for service desk integration.

Your Needs

  • Accurate Alerts - service desk tickets cross-reference the incident ID from Opsview Monitor to avoid duplication and false alarms.
  • Out-of-the-box service desk support - Opsview Monitor supports ServiceNow, Best Practical Request Tracker, Atlassian JIRA, OTRS and Service Cloud at no additional cost.
  • Understand service-level context - Host and service alerts from Opsview Monitor are automatically acknowledged and a ticket ID created as a reference in your enterprise service desk.
  • Flexibility of alert and ticket creation - you don't want to fit your processes around the limitations of your tooling. Opsview Monitors service desk integration is extensible and easily customized to meet your needs.

Don't just take our word for it
Our customers have a few things to say about why they chose Opsview Monitor
"We needed a monitoring solution which could be integrated with our deployment process using open API’s. That's why we chose Opsview Monitor."
Arthur de Pauw, Technical Director, Amaris
Arthur de Paux, Technical Director
"Opsview Monitor as a monitoring platform is very important to us and has really enhanced confidence in proactive monitoring across my teams."
Jeremy Gumbley
Jeremy Gumbley, CTO
"We have +20k hosts monitored in Opsview Monitor and, at this moment, have only 6 unattended alerts. Compared to before that’s amazing."
Thomas Wollan
Thomas Wollan, NOC Manager

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