Server Uptime Monitoring

Tracking the uptime of many servers can be a difficult and time consuming task and doing it at scale is hard work. This is a difficulty that will sadly become all too apparent as your business grows and you add more services. That is unless you rectify the issue before this occurs.  

Server uptime information is something that any stakeholder will want to know, and the reporting statistics are something that you should have directly on hand at any given moment. This is where Opsview Monitor can help, as tracking the uptime of servers is a core element of our monitoring solution. Every host added in Opsview Monitor has its uptime tracked by a definable check. Be it a ping, or an attempt to connect to a given port, we can automate this and help you to manage it accurately. 

Improve server uptime by:

  • Monitoring servers as part of our base product, allowing you to accurately track the uptime of your hosts
  • Monitoring servers with a relevant check, such as a ping or an attempt to connect via RDP
  • Alerting if any of these checks fail, making sure you are aware of any issues
  • Logging the response time to these checks, enabling you to identify when there are obvious performance issues 

Server Uptime Monitoring Screenshot

Which server uptime monitoring solution is right for me?

Getting started with Opsview Monitor is easy, and you can begin to monitor the uptime of your server in no time. Our range of fully supported monitoring solutions can be tailored to the exact needs of your organization. Large environments and service providers can utilize Opsview Monitor Enterprise Edition or Opsview Monitor MSP Edition, while smaller businesses will enjoy Opsview Monitor Pro Edition. Take out a trial to experience our monitoring capabilities for yourself, free for 30 days