Router Performance Monitoring

Routers are incredible devices that play an integral role in the day-to-day operations within major global firms. However, even though the latest generation of devices from Cisco and Juniper are capable of pushing through gigabits of traffic without breaking a sweat, you should never assume that they will constantly process effectively. Every network engineer has a story about an IOS memory leak or a routing engine failure changing their weekend plans!

This is where Opsview Monitor’s easily installed and configured software comes into play. In no time at all you can clearly monitor, graph and alert on router state, understand packet drops / interface errors as part of your network graphing and truly analyze the performance of your routing infrastructure.

Key Benefits

  • SNMP trap support system allows you to collect as much information as possible from all of your routers
  • Opsview’s Graph Center lets you visualise the collected data whilst also allowing you to compare multiple devices against one another on a single chart
  • Gain valuable insight into which areas of your router systems are working well and which areas are in need of improvement
  • Availability of tracking and alerting based on user configurable rules enables
    • (never lose sight of that memory leak that should be fixed in the next software version)
  • Customize and configure exactly how and when you want to be alerted to make sure you stay on top of your systems 24/7
  • Utilize out-the-box support for many of our routing vendors so you can quickly identify problems before the business impact becomes critical

What’s the best Router Performance Monitoring Solution?

Router performance monitoring is available with Opsview Monitor Enterprise Edition (for large environments), Opsview Monitor MSP Edition (for service providers) as well as Opsview Monitor Pro (ideal for SMEs). Getting started takes just a few minutes thanks to our quick and easy installation methods, try free for yourself or request a demo.