Power Monitoring Equipment

See more than just CPU. See the power you're using too

Managing power consumption in a Datacenter is a key factor in helping keep overall business energy costs down and ensuring servers are running as they should. In many businesses servers are often over-worked or under-used resulting in power wastage, unnecessary money spent on cooling and short-life span for hardware.

Opsview Monitor power monitoring software enables you to troubleshoot power problems, manage energy costs, and guarantee the integrity and reliability of your power distribution systems. With Opsview's system-level monitoring you can monitor server temperature and also the temperature of individual components within the server (i.e. memory, CPU, hard drives). Thresholds and alerts can be set for when critical temperatures are exceeded, helping keep hot running servers in check.

Opsview’s power monitoring software can be used to track the power-use in a single data center up to a world-wide enterprise facility. With one single, customizable interface you can connect, monitor, and manage the critical components in your datacenter’s power system. 

Managing server temperature and power use with Opsview

Key Benefits

  • Immediate notification of power outages and imminent server shutdown
  • Faster handling of network, server, application, and service outages
  • Keeps server and server temperature under control
  • Reduce energy consumption and minimize unplanned downtime
  • Prolong life of datacenter equipment

Which Opsview power monitoring software is right for me?

Opsview offers powerful, easy-to-use power monitoring software. For test environments monitor and manage your power consumption using our free trial, or for more complex server environments choose Opsview Monitor Pro (for SMEs) or Opsview Monitor Enterprise (for deployments monitoring up to 20,000 devices).