Primary concerns and priorities with automated monitoring

Your Challenges

  • Manual host monitoring configuration takes time
  • Mistakes are easily made
  • Volume of new hosts being added may be hard to support
  • Unmonitored systems present business risk and uncertainty
  • Seamless monitoring integration with existing enterprise platforms

Your Needs

  • A single, unified tool that can automatically import new hosts as they’re deployed
  • Simple, fast set-up
  • Integration with configuration management tools like Puppet, Chef and Ansible
  • CMDB integration, known assets should automatically be configured for monitoring

Why automate your monitoring with Opsview Monitor?


Total automation with our transparent REST API. Support for JSON, Perl, or XML data formats.

Easy to config and use
Work with existing DevOps tools

Configuration Management solutions, like Puppet, Chef and Ansible, are easily integrated with Opsview Monitor.

Thorough Documentation

We pride ourselves on the completeness of our API documentation. Built and maintained by DevOps, for DevOps.

Notification Platform Integrations
Service Desk Connector

Raise, resolve, update and re-open tickets with ServiceNow, Jira, OTRS, Salesforce Service Cloud, Request Tracker and others.

Built-in Notifications
Develop smart notifications

Use Notification Profiles to raise tickets by group, time and severity - e.g. DBA alerts go to DBAs but escalate if no response is registered.

All systems monitored

Increases accuracy of data and events monitoring. Ensures no systems are unmonitored.

Deploying Opsview Monitor with Puppet

We support the leading configuration management tools



Don't just take our word for it
Our customers have a few things to say about why they chose Opsview Monitor
"We've particularly impressed with Opsview Monitor’s well-developed API as it meant we could easily integrate it with our other monitoring tools.”
Mike Heisler
Mike Heisler, Systems Engineer
Cornell University
"We needed a monitoring solution which could be integrated with our deployment process using open API’s. That's why we chose Opsview Monitor.”
Arthur de Pauw, Technical Director
"I don't have to worry about the Collector server configurations too much. Opsview Monitor and our Chef module takes care of that.”
Darren Foster
Darren Foster, Cloud Systems Administrator

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