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Spend less time firefighting and more time innovating

Business Owner IT Administrator


  • Stuck in the weeds - want to think less about tooling and more time innovating 
  • Too much fire-fighting - lack of operational insight means spending all your time fire-fighting
  • Poor information - inconsistent data retrieval and alert storms hamper effective root-cause analysis 
IT Admin Challenges
IT Admin Needs


  • Monitoring that scales - have the bandwidth to respond and scale with business demand
  • Quickly identify issues - granular diagnostic detail of operational issues in real-time
  • Comprehensive coverage - open platform to monitor any workload, any substrate, at any scale

How Opsview Monitor helps IT administrators

  • Unified Insight
    Discover root cause sooner & resolve issues faster. You’ll spend less time supporting applications and more time innovating.
  • Reuse Nagios plugins and service checks
    You don’t need to replace existing monitoring logic.
  • Full stack coverage
    Supports physical & virtual servers, containers, ‪databases, applications ‪& network devices ‪reducing reliance on legacy point solutions.

  • Out-of-the-box integrations 
    Fully supports your DevOps efforts by working with ‪service ‪desks like Service Now and Jiraconfiguration management tools such as Puppet and Ansible; and notification solutions like Slack and HipChat.
    Our mature REST API lets you plug-in popular ‪visualization tools ‪like Kibana, Grafana and Graphite; or enhance your reporting with Tableau and Crystal Reports.
  • Scale-out architecture
    Scale-out your monitoring infrastructure with HA, DR and multi-tenancy options.

Don't just take our word for it
Our customers have a few things to say about the new Opsview Monitor Mobile solutions.
"Every time we’ve had a problem, support has got back to us quickly and found a solution. They've shown us better ways of doing things every time.”
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson, Systems Engineer
Cisco Global
"Using Opsview's Chef Cookbook we can autoscale workloads in AWS whilst simultaneously auto-populating Opsview with the correct monitoring checks."
Darren Foster
Darren Foster, Cloud Systems Administrator
"Opsview Monitor lets focus on improving network performance and overall service delivery, not just tactical alerts and fixes.”
Oliver Resch
Oliver Resch, Network Operation Centre Team Leader

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