Monitoring for MSPs

Monitoring that scales with you

Scaling your business while embracing cloud technologies is a huge undertaking in a market where margins are so slim. Before you commit to a solution that looks after your infrastructure you need to understand what must-have features you need in a complete IT monitoring system and how it will help build your value proposition to customers.

Opsview has the industry experience and tools to help you expand your service offering, improve your customer satisfaction and increase profit margins.

Opsview Monitor's True Multitenancy

Key Benefits

  • Easy to configure and manage – monitor your MSP infrastructure in minutes
  • Present beautiful, customizable dashboards to give your customers full visibility into the great services you offer
  • Support all the technologies used across your entire environment
  • Fast, automated, real-time analytics relevant to all levels of the corporate food chain – from base level engineer to CIO
  • Fully multitenant architecture and powerful event correlation engine
  • A truly elastic pricing model that grows AND decreases with your revenue streams

Is Opsview MSP monitoring right for me?

Opsview Enterprise offers MSPs the broadest set of IT monitoring coverage at unbeatable value.

  • Greater operational efficiencies - Immediately realize the operational efficiencies needed to scale your business. Opsview Monitor Enterprise’s full range of out-of-the-box capabilities and mature REST API means you can easily expand your service offering with advanced server, network, application and cloud monitoring capabilities
  • Strengthen customer loyalty - Deliver a more tailored, responsive and reliable service to your customers. Opsview Enterprise’s multi-tenant architecture delivers a fully personalized service to your customers including custom routing rules, portal views and branded service level reports. Such value-added services increase customer satisfaction and strengthen their loyalty to you
  • Boost margins - A unified solution offering a single-pane of glass view for your entire IT estate is always going to have a lower cost of ownership than managing multiple point solutions. Additionally, standard reports within Opsview Enterprise can be made chargeable to your customers giving you an additional revenue stream
  • Reduce Risk - Some MSPs use freeware IT monitoring tools because their procurement doesn’t impact profit margins. The reality is MSPs spend a lot of time, money and risk developing these tools further to get the functionality they need. Opsview Enterprise monitoring for MSPs comes with the enhanced functionality you need out-of-the-box
  • Professionally Supported - Our professional support services put an end to waiting for forums to provide answers to support questions and removes the risk of losing key knowledge if your system administrator leaves the company

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