Network Traffic Monitoring

Have you ever been in the situation where you need to properly justify the latest network upgrades and you just can’t explain why you actually need more East-West capacity? Perhaps you’ve struggled to describe why Ceph uses a lot of bandwidth for inter-cluster replication and as a result it just isn’t suitable when it comes to validating the large capital outlay required to add the extra capacity. Trust us, we’ve been there!

Whether it’s East-West networking capacity issues or keeping an eye on the general state of the network, life is so much easier when you can present evidence to justify your decisions. Opsview Monitor is the perfect tool for you when it comes to Network Traffic Monitoring. 

Our graphing engine provides you with the details surrounding busy periods in an elegant and presentable way. If you tie this in with our Network Analyzer module, you'll possess a clear understanding of all the traffic inside your network. Opsview Monitor collects as much information as possible which is why our subscriptions are flexible around the number of hosts to monitor, not the number of checks. We can also help you tailor the storage of data so that you are able to keep as much or as little network traffic as you need in order for your business to operate most efficiently. If that isn’t enough, Opsview can even assist you in understanding the size of storage required for this information. 

Key benefits:

  • SNMP polling and trap support means you get the most information out of your network devices

  • Monitoring by host, not by service, provides users with more detail from every device without having to increase spend

  • Configurable warehousing of data allows you to look at historical trends

  • Graph everything you need and present the data clearly

Network Traffic Analyzer

Which Monitoring Tool Is Right For Me?

Network Traffic Monitoring is available with Opsview Monitor Enterprise Edition (for large environments), Opsview Monitor MSP Edition (for service providers) as well as Opsview Monitor Pro (ideal for SMEs). Getting started takes just a few minutes thanks to our quick and easy installation methods, try free for yourself or request a demo.