Network Top Talkers

Discovering and finding the specific top talkers within the network you manage is a key goal for any IT admin. However it’s not always as straightforward as it could be. 

Let’s set the scene. It’s the last day of the month and everyone is rushing to get their work done by the end of the day. Your user base is starting to pop up and complain that things are slow to print, slow to download reports and just generally slow. This isn't what any network administrator wants to hear on the last day of the month. 

Discovering the Route of the Problem

What a lovely unquantifiable problem 'slow' is. Often the cause of the issue is high bandwidth utilization by a few applications, but knowing just which applications can be challenging. Even if you’re running the latest hardware with the best graphing interface, you may still be unable to clearly identify the particular hosts responsible for this excessive use of bandwidth. Of course, you could just throw more bandwidth at the problem, but this becomes expensive, especially as things continue to move off premise and into the cloud. 
What you need is a live view of the host using the most traffic, presented in a clear, comprehensible way. This enables you to identify and resolve issues quickly, so you can be proactive rather than wait for the next complaint. Identifying the network top talkers is made easy with network analyzer tools that give you a full view of any business network.

Identifying Network Top Talkers with Opsview:

  • Interface monitoring and alerting allows you to keep an eye on network capacity. This information can be displayed on one of our flexible dashboards while alerts can be relayed through a variety of means including Slack and SMS
  • Using our Network Analyzer expansion you can supplement these dashboards with live stats, including the Network Top Talkers dashlet, giving you an instant view into the hosts responsible for the traffic
  • Report on bandwidth utilization, giving you the ability to demonstrate requirements for an upgrade without having to spend an afternoon creating a report in Excel.

Which Solution is Right for Me? 

With Opsview Monitor, you can be identifying the top talkers very quickly. We have a range of fully supported monitoring solutions tailored exactly to the needs of your organization. Large environments and service providers can utilize Opsview Monitor Enterprise Edition or Opsview Monitor MSP Edition, while smaller business will enjoy Opsview Monitor Pro Edition. Try Opsview Monitor for yourself free for 30 days