You're monitoring your servers and apps. What about network devices?

Your Challenges

  • Understanding the business service impact of network device slow-downs.
  • Identify bandwidth hogs and rapidly pinpointing problem devices.
  • Removing network bottlenecks.
  • Sub-optimal methods for identifying and adding new device types and manufacturers, including servers, switches, storage, etc.
  • Sourcing additional monitoring infrastructure just to collect SNMP on top of base monitoring.

Your Needs

  • Full-featured, viable SNMP polling and trap ingest.
  • Visualize connections between devices and review network performance at a glance.
  • Real-time summaries of network traffic grouped by device.
  • Correlate the chronology of network events across your physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure.
  • Understanding the business service impact of network device slow-downs.

Why use Opsview Monitor for your company's network monitoring software?

Inclusive of software

Monitor network devices that includes the software infrastructure running on top of them.

Comprehensive Coverage
Real time network monitor

Analyze network devices' performance in real time using our intuitive dashboards and graphing engine.

Built-in Notifications
Threshold based network monitor tool

Detect, identify and troubleshoot network issues with threshold-based alerts. 

SNMP Traps
SNMP Support

SNMP polling and SNMP trap handler.

SLA Reporting

Get detailed insights on network performance using our out-of-the-box reports. Customize, schedule and export these elegant reports as needed.

Easy to config and use
Easy installation and setup

Get Opsview Monitor setup in minutes. It requires no complex installation procedures and comes bundled with databases and web servers.

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Some of the network device vendors we support

Don't just take our word for it
Our customers have a few things to say about why they chose Opsview Monitor
"All of our managed hosting customers now receive scheduled, branded SLA reports that prove the value of our services.”
Fabian Lorenz
Fabian Lorenz, IT Systems Architect
Stadtwerke Speyer
"Opsview Monitor seemed to have a maturity other tools didn't and a price that we could grow into, rather than make a huge up-front purchase.”
Lawrence Patterson, CTO, Atomic Data
Lawrence Patterson, CTO
Atomic Data
"Opsview Monitor provides exactly the right level of insight we needed – giving us a view of how services were performing as a whole"
Andy Mell
Andy Mell, Head of Infrastructure and Support
Cambridge University Press

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