Network Device Discovery

Network Device Discovery makes life easier for system administrators by helping reduce both time and effort. 

When confronted with adding new infrastructure in a hurry, in an ideal world, all system administrators would be able to clearly identify the new devices added to their network. The process of adding new hosts can be incredibly time consuming, even more so when done at scale.  

Opsview can help, offering a number of autodiscovery options to make your life easier. Our network-scan based autodiscovery can take a network segment and check for monitorable hosts, scanning for WMI or SNMP as well as any network services available on these hosts. Opsview Monitor can also scan existing VMware infrastructure for any extra VMs added via the VMware API, then automatically apply the relevant service checks to them. 

Using the Network Device Discovery feature, Opsview can:

  • Autodiscover via a network scan, including SNMP/WMI detection and a wider series of network device autodiscovery
  • Autodiscover via a VMware API scan, enabling you to keep track of host growth in your VMware deployment
  • Schedule these scans to run at regular intervals
  • Generate new device reports to be delivered to your sysadmins on a regular basis

Which monitoring solution is right for you and your business?

Getting started with Opsview Monitor is easy, and you can set up Network Device Discovery in no time. Our range of fully supported monitoring solutions can be tailored exactly to the needs of your organization. Large environments and service providers can utilize Opsview Monitor Enterprise Edition or Opsview Monitor MSP Edition, while smaller businesses will enjoy Opsview Monitor Pro Edition. Take out a trial to experience our monitoring capabilities for yourself, free for 30 days