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A single overview of their entire IT estate with more than 37,000 students, 4,170 staff, and 747 courses.

Monitoring a multinational, global infrastructure with Opsview. 

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The world’s leader of technological innovation chooses Opsview for its data centers.

CreditCall is an award-winning company that provides payment gateway services for chip cards and magnetic stripe cards through a number of channels.

Cornell University

Monitoring more than 1,400 physical and virtual servers across their IT estate. 

Vision Critical provides market research to over 600 global organizations including a third of the world’s top brands.

"Nagios was hard to use, employees needed to know exactly what to do. Opsview has given them a GUI which they can just log on to and use without an in-depth understanding."
-Brian Wilson, System Administrator, Cisco
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The Opsview Difference

Let's face it. There are a multitude of different monitoring systems to choose from when looking for an alternative to Nagios. However, there are only a select few that have full compatibility with your current Nagios implementation. At Opsview, it's not about ripping and replacing. It's about making your monitoring better. From easy to use, contextual, pagination-free navigation to true scalability and 100% Nagios compatible Opspacks. Opsview lets you take what you have in Nagios and makes it better.

Introducing Opsview Monitor 5.0

context sensitive navigation in opsview

Context Sensitive Navigation

How many clicks does it take you to get to your data? Opsview Monitor is designed to find exactly what you need in no more than two clicks. With context sensitive navigation, you can investigate, annotate, and even troubleshoot it all without navigating away from any screen.

True Scalability

How many different instances of Nagios are monitoring your infrastructure right now? Be honest. Growing the infrastrucuture at most organizations with Nagios means spinning up another instance. With Opsview's Master-Slave architecture, you can scale up to 20,000 devices without any problem, all being monitored from one area.

Distributed Architecture with Opsview Monitor

The Enterprise Alternative to Open Source

"There are a number of advanced monitoring platforms built on Nagios, but it wasn’t until we came across Opsview that we saw a solution that was so simple to use, with dashboards and reporting that are so easy to configure"
-Diraj Goel, Director of IT at Vision Critical

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