Efficient monitoring solutions for IT professionals

Opsview Monitor delivers the software that organizations need to successfully monitor complex IT infrastructure and applications. 

Benefit from comprehensive coverage, rapid resolution and monitoring automation, making it easier for IT teams to ensure uptime, improve efficiency and complete more projects. 


Benefit from a clear cut dashboard

Benefit from a clear cut dashboard

As a sysadmin, it makes your life so much easier to have a clear cut dashboard. Set up a single and unified view of your IT infrastructure, ensuring you can see exactly what you need to. Easily drill down to more detail and navigate to the information you need.

Rapid Resolution

Opsview Monitor enables sysadmins to receive push notifications and smart alerts, enabling you to anticipate and resolve issues before users are impacted. Integrate this with companion systems to enhance tracking and effectively automate actions.
Become the most powerful sysadmin
Showcase your strategic value

Showcase your strategic value

One of the more important results that came from our Sysadmin Survey is the fact that successful sysadmins are taking a strategic approach to their work, in order to contribute greater value to business as a whole. Opsview Monitor can help make all aspects of your IT monitoring job easier, from configuring and alerting through to reporting and updating.

The Evolving Role of Sysadmins


This webinar takes a look at the big trends in sysadmins' shift from being a utility and cost center to becoming service providers. See exactly what sysadmins can do to advance their career and support a forward-thinking IT organization, in a world where technology is at the forefront of business needs. 

Automatically discover and dynamically configure with Opsview Monitor

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