J-Flow Monitoring and Analysis

J-Flow is a flow monitoring implementation designed by Juniper Networks and available on enterprise devices such as the Juniper J-Series and SRX routers. J-Flow is what’s known as a flow sampling technology, meaning that it samples each IP input stream and, as packets come into a router/switch interface, samples are exported for collection on other devices.  

How Can I Use J-Flow Monitoring and Analysis with Opsview?

The major benefit of flow protocols such as J-Flow is that they allow you to inspect IP conversations to not only see information received, but to understand why and what is going on – e. g. ‘Is a User downloading large files continuously? Is a router misconfigured?’, etc. Network devices that support J-Flow can be configured to send data ‘back’ to Opsview Monitor, so that it can be stored, analyzed and displayed. J-Flow monitoring will work efficiently along with Opsview Network Analyzer to make sense of your data.
J-Flow provides flow results down to the second, allowing you to pinpoint potential or existing problems causing bandwidth strain or device issues. By monitoring J-Flow detailed network traffic, administrators gain a near real-time insight into what is happening on the network, greatly improving their ability to diagnose and troubleshoot issues on the network.

Typical usage of J-Flow monitoring:

  • View conversations between devices
  • Analysis results within seconds
  • Clear, easy to read summarized data

Complete visibility with Opsview Monitor's Network Analyzer


Key benefits of monitoring J-Flow with Network Analyzer:

  • Easily observe bandwidth strains
  • Problems can be solved faster
  • Real-time view to display your network’s true efficiency

Which J-Flow solution is right for me?

Opsview Monitor with Opsview Network Analyzer allows you to monitor and analyze J-Flow data. Large environments and service providers can utilize Opsview Monitor Enterprise Edition or Opsview Monitor MSP Edition while SMEs business will enjoy Opsview Monitor Pro Edition. All solutions are completely compatible with the Network Analyzer.