Systems Management & Performance Monitoring

Managing an IT estate consisting of multiple systems involving switches, routers, appliances, servers and everything in-between can often be an arduous task. Furthermore, the delivery and uptime of these concurrent systems is one of the biggest challenges IT teams face, particularly within enterprise organizations. 

Opsview Monitor affords you effective and practical systems management right out of the box making the complicated task of systems alignment easy. 

Key features, such as Autodiscovery, provide full visibility of your network in just a matter of seconds. Aligned to this, Opsview Monitor’s Reporting and Network Analyzer modules provide the insight and flexibility needed to deep dive into performance and management issues; seeing the pain points and bandwidth hogs that degrade business functionality. 

Practical Use

Practically speaking, the uses of Opsview Monitor for systems management are endless as there’s a full set of product features specifically developed for day-to-day monitoring.

If for example you have 100 routers across your network and you want to support the same software version on all, you can. Opsview Monitor has the capability to make all the necessary checks and relay the relevant information back to you. How’s that for simplifying systems management? No repeated log-ins required. While that’s just one example, the scope for streamlining enterprise management is vast. Take a look at our case studies to see how other customers have benefitted. 

Licence checking made easy in Opsview Monitor

Key Benefits

  • Granular data insights with Network Analyzer
  • End-to-end reporting and Graph Center
  • Complete server performance monitoring with real-time reporting 
  • Identify the root cause of issues and impact to applications
  • Monitor CPU, memory utilization, storage, processes and services
  • Fault management and troubleshooting, only receive notifications when you need them
  • End-to-end monitoring of websites, web applications, transactions, services and more

Which Systems Management Tool Is Right For Me?

Getting started is easy and you can begin managing your systems in a matter of minutes with Opsview’s virtual appliance or repository installations. Take out a trial to experience our software capabilities for yourself. Our fully supported solutions include Opsview Monitor Enterprise Edition (for large environments), Opsview Monitor Pro Edition (for smaller environments), or Opsview Monitor MSP Edition (for MSPs).