IT Monitoring Software

The right IT monitoring tools can reduce costs, mitigate risks and support optimal business performance. Opsview IT monitoring allows you to connect data from a wide variety of IT devices and applications to give you a 360° view of your physical, virtual and cloud network infrastructures in a 'single pane of glass'.

Whether you need an IT monitor for 50 devices or 20,000, Opsview gives you the deep information technology monitoring required to observe the performance of your network and make informed decisions to prevent costly downtime.

Key Benefits

  • Link the status of an IT device or service with its effect on different areas of the business with keywords
  • Easily configure an IT monitoring environment with templates
  • Process Maps allows mapping by server rack or datacenter floor plan with indicators
  • Correlate the chronology of IT events across your physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure
  • Logical and functional maps give quick reference to IT configuration
  • Auto-discovery and polling of SNMP Traps speeds up configuration time
  • Benchmark performance and availability data with Reports

IT Infrastructure Monitoring is Essential

For physical, virtual and cloud systems alike, IT monitoring is crucial for ensuring availability and providing efficient service.

Whatever IT strategy your organisation adopts in pursuit of growth, being able to track the performance of your IT investments is an essential aspect of maintaining ‘business as usual’ and not an optional extra.

Which Opsview IT Monitoring Software is right for me?

Opsview is powerful, easy-to-use IT monitoring software which gives you deep visibility into your entire network infrastructure. Get up and running in minutes with our free trial, or if you need to monitor complex business environments choose Opsview Pro (for SMEs) or Opsview Enterprise (for deployments monitoring up to 20,000 devices per master server).