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Technology is changing every aspect of campus life. Online learning has dramatically evolved, and the demands of tech-savvy students have led to IT departments being at the forefront of making students stay connected.

Opsview Monitor can make monitoring your estate simple and easy, which is why a number of the world's best Universities already benefit hugely from what we offer. 



A single dashboard

A single dashboard

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has a lot to manage. In addition to the student body of around 11,000 the university has five schools and one college, with 32 academic departments that span the Boston metro area. There are also technical workshops, start-up incubators and research labs that all rely on the campus network. Opsview makes management possible from a single dashboard.

Technology advancements

With constant changes and advancements in the technology industry, Universities are finding more clever and innovative methods of using IT to maximize the student experience. Opsview can help you cope with the changing demands of students.
Technology advancements
Avoid network failure

Avoid network failure and service outage

We all know that any failures or outages will impact on an organizations ability to do business. This is no different for academic networks that, in particular, face additional pressure to deliver a mixture of critical education and administrative applications alongside the leisure time bandwidth demands of their students. Opsview provides a stable and reliable monitoring solution, with a proven track record of deployment in large scale production environments.

Monitor the health and performance of your IT estate

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Opsview Are Proud To Support The Education Of Future Sysadmins Across The Globe

Opsview are pleased to offer Opsview Monitor free of charge to academic institutions for educational use within the classroom. Opsview Monitor is in use by universities and colleges in the UK and USA to introduce students to enterprise monitoring for networking, systems and applications. Many have found our education subscriptions of great benefit to students and academics alike.

Opsview is a complete enterprise monitoring solution, able to monitor a massive range of systems and devices; whatever equipment is in your lab networks it will be simple for your students to set up and start monitoring. Your students will learn all about advanced enterprise features such as reporting, dashboards, notifications and graphing, so that they gain real world experience in all aspects of monitoring.

Here's How To Apply

All of the institutions already part of Opsview’s academic program have recognised that exposure to tools and systems that are widely used in industry are invaluable to their students. Using Opsview allows students to get their monitoring up and running much quicker than when using free tools, allowing them to focus on learning about the world of IT monitoring.

Opsview in the classroom is open to all academic institutions* wishing to use Opsview as part of a relevant academic course. A subscription for Opsview Monitor will be provided for the duration of the course covering each student.

* Proof must be provided for eligibility for this program - Contact Us To Apply