Professional monitoring solutions for complex hybrid environments

If you are like most organizations today, you are adding cloud services to complement your own on-premise infrastructure and applications, which is increasing in complexity and making it more difficult for you to monitor and ensure uptime of critical business services.

Opsview Monitor for Hybrid IT helps you monitor both your on-premise infrastructure and applications as well as your cloud services all within a single solution. You can see the status of your AWS or Azure services alongside your on-premise applications in the same dashboard, then drill down into the detail to identify and resolve issues before users are impacted.



You now need to ensure that cloud services such as AWS, Azure, Google, and Salesforce, are delivering as promised. With Opsview Monitor, you can track the key metrics that tell you how your cloud services are performing, so you can quickly address any issues.


With support for leading automation tools, such as Puppet and Chef, you can automate your monitoring deployment. Automatically apply monitoring as part of your standard rollout of new hosts or applications, freeing up your time for projects that drive the business.


Whether behind your firewall or in the cloud, you can see the status of all your business critical services in a single dashboard. If an essential service turns red, you can easily drill down to identify the root cause and quickly resolve the issue before the business is impacted.

Cloud Monitoring Dashboard

Cloud based notifications

Use best practice to notify the right people at the right time. Opsview Monitor lets you send notifications using traditional methods, such as SMS and Email, or a range of innovative cloud methods, including Slack, Twillio, PagerDuty, VictorOps, OnPage, and more.

Global platform, single view

Put an end to limited remote monitoring or running multiple separate monitoring systems. With Opsview Monitor’s innovative architecture you can easily deploy remote monitoring engines, including deployments in the cloud, to poll and collect data in your remote sites. Then bring it all together in one global view. Get better monitoring, and save time and money.

Service Checks in Opsview
Monitor AWS in Opsview

Cloud compatible from day 1

Opsview is able to be deployed directly into the cloud with our supported Amazon AWS AMI install options or VMware images provided. So you need not spend any more time on the task of deploying your monitoring.


With native support for more than 3,500 technology plugins and integrations with leading IT operations tools, the Opsview platform enables you to easily monitor complex, hybrid IT environments and critical business services. Check out our list of pre-built Opspacks and integrations.


Our Graph Center allows you to easily view groups of metrics organized as you choose. You can quickly view large amounts of data in a user-friendly view, making trends and anomalies immediately obvious. Obtain much faster time to insight.


Opsview Monitor contains a powerful Autodiscovery feature capable of going into your network, finding your hosts, profiling them, e.g., this is a VMware server, and more. You can then take auto discovered hosts and bulk configure them with ease, saving time and effort.

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