Extended Nagios Network Monitoring

Nagios Monitoring

Opsview is the award winning systems monitoring software that allows you to easily diagnose and manage your physical, virtual and hybrid cloud infrastructure. It significantly extends the capabilities of Nagios® Core by adding an application framework, intuitive user interface and integrating many popular add-on components into a single, coherent system.

Nagios Application Monitoring and Plugins

Nagios Core is used by thousands of organizations worldwide for network, server, and application performance monitoring. Organizations choose Nagios Core monitoring because it is open, mature, and well supported by a thriving community. The Opsview Team are active contributors to the project's codebase and its community. Opsview integrates natively to any one of the thousands of Nagios plugins.

Nagios Core provides a monitoring engine and a basic user interface. A number of projects have sprung up around Nagios Core monitoring to extend its capabilities. Opsview has been developed to fully integrate these Nagios monitoring components with an intuitive user interface for managing the entire system and an integration framework for automating this process including using Nagios to monitor Windows.

Although Nagios Core monitoring is capable of handling many devices, configuring and maintaining it can quickly become problematic. Opsview addresses these issues by offering users an easy to install and configure system that delivers enhanced Nagios monitoring functionality.


Nagios Monitoring plug-ins available in Opsview Monitor

Easy-to-use navigation and intuitive UI in Opsview Pro and Opsview Enterprise

Key Benefits:

  • Seamless integration with the entire library of Nagios plugins
  • An intuitive user interface and middleware layer handles the complexity of configuring individual software components
  • A mature REST API for configuration, monitoring and notification, helping speed up installation time, reduce data entry errors and cut down unwanted alerts
  • Systems analytics viewed in a single pane of glass, helping minimize time spent on system maintenance
  • Auto-discovery detects and monitors SNMP objects with ease and a powerful rules engine processes SNMP traps
  • Monitor large distributed infrastructures with thousands of devices with one tool that’s easy to set-up and simple to maintain
  • Automatically load-balance across multiple slaves and will even reallocate monitoring duties if a slave server fails
  • An Opsview Enterprise Subscription gives you consistent professional support and access to our award winning software. We also provide a full range of services for our software including training and implementation consulting

Which Opsview Tool is right for me?

If you want all the proven monitoring functionality you get with Nagios Core monitoring but need extended capabilities and easy management then look no further than our free trial.

For mission critical business environments, Opsview Monitor Pro (for SMEs) and Opsview Monitor Enterprise (for enterprise deployments up to 20,000 devices) provide a reliable, tested and supported monitoring solution that will help ensure the performance and availability of your production IT systems.

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: No affiliation, partnership, joint-venture or any other commercial relationship exists between Opsview and Nagios Enterprises LLC, the trademark holders of Nagios.