DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are internet connected businesses’ worst nightmare. A fair sized ISP could consider it a good month if they managed to go without receiving some form of a DDoS attack. Recent news coming from Dell's SecureWorks suggests that the cost of launching a DDoS attack is dropping, with some botnets being available to rent for as low as $5 an hour. This has allowed DDoS to become a very cheap and increasingly popular way to cripple firms operating with a significant online presence. 

At Opsview we understand that the first step in DDoS mitigation is awareness. For an enterprise this could be an early alert being sent to the security incident team when the total inbound traffic hits 80% of capacity. Or for a MSP it could be understanding the source of the attack by looking at which customer and what ports are running closer to capacity than they should be.


DDoS Attack

Key Benefits of using Opsview:

  • Fully configurable alerting allows those critical problems like the first signs of a DDoS attack to be escalated to the right people quickly.
  • Network Analyzer’s flow support lets you visualise an attack and understand where it is coming from, where it is going and what ports involved.
  • Our Opsview Data Warehouse allows you to store the information collected and review it at a later date, helping you to better understand a short attack.
  • Dashboards will let your Network Engineering team get accurate information as quickly as possible, hopefully giving them a chance to get the ACLs written and the attack filtered before too much damage is done. 

Which Solution Should I Use to Combat DDoS attacks?

DDoS attack alerting capability in included with Opsview Monitor Enterprise Edition (for large environments), Opsview Monitor MSP Edition (for service providers) as well as Opsview Monitor Pro (ideal for SMEs). Getting started takes just a few minutes thanks to our quick and easy installation methods.