How do you keep all your databases healthy, efficient, and properly-resourced?

Your Challenges

  • Keeping all public and business-facing applications and websites available and performant.
  • Tracking and managing dozens or hundreds of fast-proliferating databases of different types, configurations, and scales, in organizational data centers, branch offices, and in the cloud.
  • Monitoring databases proactively to avoid transaction failures and prevent data loss.
  • Tracking trends in database resource consumption to schedule expansions, upgrades, and migrations.
  • Keeping databases running smoothly and efficiently despite fast-varying traffic loads.
  • Optimizing database performance for diverse query types.
  • Staying on top of usage-based costs for cloud database instances.
  • Competently monitoring multiple database types while minimizing demands on specialized DBM resources.

Your Needs

  • Monitor all major open source, commercial, on-premises and cloud-based databases quickly and non-disruptively including IBM DB2, MarisDB, MySQL, Percona Server, SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, CouchDB, PostgreSQL and many more.
  • Capture all the most important health and operational metrics for each database class and type using maker-approved metrics APIs.
  • Be notified quickly if database health is at risk or critical metrics go outside recommended bounds.
  • Quickly discover and remediate the underlying cause of poor database performance or failures.
  • Track and graph the state of important database metrics over time to spot trends easily, optimize iteratively, tune connection pools and other adjuncts.

Why use Opsview Monitor for database monitoring?

Unified Insight
Unified Insight

One tool to monitor dozens or hundreds of database instances, across your enterprise, at all different scales and in all different locations.

Elastic Pricing for MSPs
Cost Analysis for Cloud DBs

Monitor performance and project costs for SQL databases hosted on Azure, Amazon and other public clouds.

Opspack Marketplace
Distilled Operational Intelligence

Easily monitor all popular databases, including relational/SQL, key/value stores, and specialized time series databases like InfluxDB.

SLA Reporting

Set business critical benchmarks for performance and availability data with Opsview Monitor's reporting functionality.

Business Service Monitoring
Business Service Monitoring

Monitor entire business services as aggregates, including databases, application servers, webservers, and popular applications.

Built-in Notifications
Built-in Notifications

Configure intelligent alerts using one of many built-in notification methods, our mobile app or cloud native options such as Twilio, Amazon’s SNS and Slack.



Don't just take our word for it
Our customers have a few things to say about why they chose Opsview Monitor
"Opsview Monitor is performing as it should, we have developed various in-house plugins & service checks which suit our needs perfectly!”
Alen Stimec, Senior Systems Engineer, InternetQ
Alen Stimec, Senior Systems Engineer
"Here at Cisco we can already see big benefits from switching to Opsview Monitor.”
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson, Systems Engineer
"Using Opsview Monitor leaves my staff able to focus on actually improving our service offering rather than wasting time on administrative tasks.”
Eric Hausman, Cloud Director
Eric Hausman, Cloud Director
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