Opsview Customer Advocacy Program

The Customer Advocacy Program (CAP) is a formal program to encourage peer references and exchange of information. It lets your company paint the picture of how you work with Opsview products and how you engage with our teams across the globe. The CAP is driven by customer need and provides a 'platform' through which customers can showcase business strategies in action, innovative use of technology, and endorse their brand. 

Spotlight your success with the use of Opsview products and services via a variety of marketing activities. In return, Opsview provides you with a wide range of value-added benefits. Your shared success will yield indispensable public exposure through website presence, press releases, speaking engagements, case studies, and media interviews. You can also leverage unique relationship-building opportunities with Opsview and your peers.

The Process

The Process

How does it work?

  • We will contact you to discuss the success you have had with Opsview products and services and find out your level of interest in showcasing your story.
  • You determine the showcase option(s) you would like to use to highlight your success and our collaboration.
  • You complete the consent form indicating your participation level.
  • Opsview develops the material(s) with your full collaboration and the final material is always signed off by you.
  • Opsview showcases your success story in the channels you have allowed us to use.


CAP Info Sheet           

The Benefits

The Customer Advocacy Program (CAP) provides you with a variety of benefits that promote you as an innovative leader, showcase your business and procedural practices, and help develop the industry knowledge you need to compete in your market.

  • Industry recognition: Gain valuable public recognition & visibility as a thought leader for yourself and your organization through joint marketing activities with Opsview.

  • Network building: Increase your relationship-building opportunities with Opsview and your peers. Share best practices with industry professionals across multiple industries, business use cases, and expertise. Receive offers to participate in Opsview events, with the ability to network with industry leaders & business peers.

  • Professional development: In addition to networking with peers, the Opsview CAP offers opportunities to participate in speaking engagements; providing a platform to share industry insights and thought leadership. 
The Benefits
Program Levels

Program Levels

Your success story can be highlighted through one or all of these options. You may even share your story through your own custom channels. Each is originated with your collaboration and approval. We'll help you determine the level at which you would like to be involved and how many showcase options you'd like for us to develop.

Win Announcement/PR - Participate in a win announcement in the form of a press release or the use of your logo. The press release provides an overview of the project/issues/challenge and why you chose Opsview and lets us communicate our business relationship to the industry. 

Testimonial/Quote - You agree that the approved words can be used in our external communications, presentations and publication to the web and our collateral. 

Customer Content: Case Study/Article/White Papers - This can be a case study, industry article or guest blog feature to share your company's views and visions, or a white paper that enables us to share your thought leadership and innovation. The case study is typically a two-pager; but can also be a video or a podcast.

References/Sales References - Agreement to participate with reference visits or calls from our prospects who are keen to learn more about our solutions or be invited to speak at key industry events and/or Opsview hosted webinars. 

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