Cisco NetFlow Monitoring and Analysis

NetFlow was introduced and developed by Cisco to provide the ability to collect IP network traffic data and more importantly report, monitor and analyze that data. Monitoring traffic as it enters and exits an interface is an incredibly useful resource but only if you know how to make sense of the wealth of information that comes with it!

If you’re struggling to understand traffic on your network and need to know exactly who used all that bandwidth at 4pm on a Friday, then Opsview’s Network Analyzer can help make sense of it all. With Network Analyzer you’re able to know where all the traffic related issues are happening, identifying the cause and impact. 

By utilizing Opsview Network Analyzer for your NetFlow analysis, you’re in control with a firm understanding of what’s really going on within your network. This is all efficiently done by monitoring NetFlow information from your Cisco/VMware switches, routers and firewalls. With Network Analyzer, you gain valuable insight, reduced downtime, improved time to resolution, and possess the ability to automate the backup of switch configurations at your discretion. It all means you can become both proactive and responsive in your IT monitoring. 

Features such as flow visualization enable organizations to analyze traffic spikes and patterns for hours, days and months at a time, and you don’t need to be a statistics major to make sense of it all. 

NetFlow Analysis with Opsview, obtain key data such as:

  • Top 10 Host transmitters 
  • Top 10 Host receivers 
  • Top 10 Port transmitters 
  • Top 10 Port receivers 
  • Top 10 Transfers 

Website monitoring dashboard in Opsview

Direct traffic with Opsview Monitor and Network Analyser

Key benefits:

  •  Gain detailed insight and understanding of your network and quickly spot issues before they escalate 
  •  Historic NetFlow capture and logging all you to drill down into issues at the specific time they occurred 
  • Real-time views across your networks
  • Data collection from Cisco devices, VMware and any NetFlow V5 capable collector

For a deeper insight take a look our Network Analyzer deep dive 

Which tool should I use to manage my NetFlow?

Opsview Monitor’s Network Analyzer is fully compatible with Opsview Monitor Enterprise Edition (for large environments), Opsview Monitor SMB Edition as well as Opsview Monitor Free Plan. Getting started takes just a few minutes thanks to our quick and easy installation methods.