Opsview Azure Monitoring Dashboard

Azure AutoMonitor

Azure Express Scan provides a configuration wizard to guide you through and quickly discover Microsoft Azure objects (Hosts) within a given Azure subscription and automatically import them into Opsview.

Express scan

Azure App Services Monitoring

Opsview allows you to monitor all the metrics you need to efficiently run Azure App Services on Microsoft Azure. After installation, you'll be able to check the number of requests, the response time and the number of data bytes coming in and out, as well as many other metrics.

APP Services Opspack

Opsview Azure Monitoring Dashboard
Opsview Azure Monitoring Opspacks

Azure Elastic Pool Monitoring

The Elastic database features of Azure SQL Database are designed to simplify data tier development and management, especially for Software as a Service (SaaS) developers, where large numbers of databases are used to support a dynamic end-customer base. Opsview has 17 service checks for Azure Elastic Pool.

Elastic Pool Opspack

Azure Virtual Machines Monitoring

Azure Virtual Machines gives you the flexibility of virtualization for a wide range of computing solutions including development and testing, running applications and extending your data center. Opsview has 7 service checks for Azure Virtual Machines.

Virtual Machines Opspack

Azure Monitoring Tools

The Challenges of Azure Monitoring Tools

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