So, you've got production workloads running on Azure. Now what?

Your Challenges

  • Visualizing the performance and availability of Azure instances as business services alongside other cloud and on-premises workloads.
  • Avoiding unexpected costs due to lack of insight into your Azure instances.
  • Struggling to finding the root cause of application performance between on-premises and cloud workloads.
  • Frustrated by Azure-specific monitoring tools with limited alert and event handling methods.

Your Needs

  • Quickly understand root cause of application performance and provide the best experience for your customers.
  • Highly customizable dashboards and metric collection for Azure.
  • Consistent, standard alerting and notification with high-value filters easily applied to Azure workloads.
  • Consolidated solution for consistent monitoring across Azure, other public clouds, as well as enterprise infrastructure, including hardware and virtualization.

Why use Opsview for Azure monitoring?

Unified Insight
Unified Insight

A single portal to monitor, alert, and visualize events and consolidated performance metrics from Azure.

SLA Reporting and Trend Reports

Historical Azure data from with configurable retention and resolution policies.

Comprehensive Coverage
Comprehensive Coverage

Platform availability reports for Azure, other public clouds, SaaS applications, and private datacenter, that demonstrate full operational efficiency to stakeholders and customers.

Business Service Monitoring
Business Service Monitoring

BSM visualizes how the availability and performance of workloads running on Azure impact your business service delivery.


Our Opspacks, REST API, Service Connectors, and automation modules are the basis of a holistic, extensible, scalable, and consistent monitoring solution, now and in the future.

Built-in Notifications
Intelligent Notifications

Notifications sent to the right team member, at the right time, in the best way, with Opsview Notifications or cloud native options, such as Twilio voice / text, Opsview Monitor’s Mobile app, Amazon’s SNS, or even a Slack message.



Don't just take our word for it
Our customers have a few things to say about why they chose Opsview Monitor
"We needed a monitoring solution which could be integrated with our deployment process using open API’s. That's why we chose Opsview Monitor."
Arthur de Pauw, Technical Director, Amaris
Arthur de Paux, Technical Director
"Every time we’ve had a problem, support has got back to us quickly and found a solution. They've shown us better ways of doing things every time.”
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson, Systems Engineer
Cisco Global
"We've particularly impressed with Opsview Monitor’s well-developed API as it meant we could easily integrate it with our other monitoring tools.”
Mike Heisler
Mike Heisler, Systems Engineer
Cornell University

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