Automated IT Monitoring

Keeping your monitoring system up to date can be hard work, adding in devices can be tedious and time consuming and requires a level of attention to make sure your monitoring is consistent. 

The difficulties with manual configuration

Regularly updating and manual configuration often results in duplicating data that is already stored within your CMDB or configuration management tool. Sometimes monitoring is more reactive than this; you are dealing with devices that are being added in constantly by other teams and you can’t keep track of when they add devices.

The solution is automation

Opsview Monitor can help as we’re able to support both Puppet and Chef as a mechanism to add devices into the platform. This means that you can simply make the monitoring configuration part of your setup. No longer are you required to mess about with the manual addition of hosts.

If these aren’t your preferred automation method(s) we have other options available. Our well documented API allows you to add devices which means customised integrations can be built very quickly to populate your monitoring system from your in-house CMDB platform.

Puppet Dashboard in Opsview Monitor

Built-in efficiency

Opsview Monitor also enables schedulable autodiscovery of your systems should you require it. At pre-determined intervals Opsview will scan your network and provide a report of devices that are not currently monitored allowing you to audit - adding anything that is not currently in your monitoring system.

Opsview automation can:

  • Integrate with popular configuration management tools such as Puppet and Chef
  • Support the creation and adding of hosts including configuration via our API
  • Perform regular autodiscovery via either a network scan or VMware Scan

Which automated IT monitoring tool is right for me?

Opsview Monitor has a range of tiers available whatever size of environment you have. Take out a free trial to test the full enterprise functionality. Ready to buy? SMBs choose Opsview Pro or Opsview Enterprise for large complex environments.